Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Vs. HardBoards

stand up paddle board

It’s a common question: what’s better, inflatable or fiberglass stand up paddle board? We’re here to tell you why we choose inflatable stand up paddle boards over fiberglass (or hardboards).

Inflatable Standup Paddle boards go anywhere

Want to hike to a lake or river put in? Need room in your car for camping gear and your board? Are you slim on gear storage at home? Want to take your board to a tropical paradise? For all these reasons, we opt for inflatable boards.

You can deflate them, roll them up tight and store in a paddle board sling or in a bag and hike them to your favorite destination (like Long Lake). They roll up small, so you don’t have to choose between bringing your paddle board and fitting all your other camping or adventure gear in your car when you’re heading off for an adventure.

They also store easily in your closet, your basement, your garage or your storage shed. Standup paddle boards are big and bulky, but with an inflatable SUP board you can cut the clutter and get it out of the way (unlike a hardboard).

If you buy a quality board, like the SOL Paddle board, they come with a bag that has wheels (perfect for the airport) and backpack straps (for hiking), and fits everything you need to float, including your paddle and pump.

Inflatable Standup Paddle boards are durable

Here in Colorado, we have plenty of beautiful lakes (like Lake Irwin) and rivers (like the Slate River), which are best enjoyed from a SUP board. But these beautiful locations also have rocks, trees, and plenty of other obstacles to run your board into.

So what happens when you paddle board at these locations with a hardboard? You’re in a constant state of panic about dinging the fiberglass, denting the foam, or cracking the board you likely just spent some serious cash on.

While inflatable paddle boards still need to be cared for, they’re much more resilient when it comes to hitting obstacles (or the pavement when you’re unloading it from the roof of your vehicle).

Our SOL Paddle boards are some of the highest quality boards on the market, and have double walled side panels, so when you bump off rocks or trees, your board is protected.

Inflatable boards are also pretty easily repairable should it get a hole in it. Every board purchased through us will receive a patch kit, along with a 3 year warranty (on the SOL boards). When done properly, the patch won’t leak, and you’ll be able to enjoy your board for years to come.

If you’re on the fence about what style of stand up paddle board to get, the answer really becomes clear: if you’re looking to use your board on flat water, or rivers, inflatable stand up paddle boards are a great option. With the added perks of the board packing down in the back of your car, or on an airplane, and storing easily in a closet, an inflatable board is one of your best options!

CB Standup Paddle sells SOL inflatable boards, which are based in Telluride, CO. We’ll ship your board for free anywhere in the continental US, so what are you waiting for? Call us at 970-309-1491 to order your board today.