Why You Need A SUP Leash: Top 3 Reasons.

Why would you wear a leash when you are on a giant floatation device? I mean, you know how to swim, right? WRONG. There are many reasons to wear a leash while on a SUP, especially in Colorado. Here are our top 3:


1. The Water is COLD

You're in Colorado. Specifically, the Western Slope. The water in and around Crested Butte is cold. Really, really cold. If you fall off your board and you're not wearing a leash, there's a chance you are in that water longer then you would like to be. Wear a leash, stay close to your board. Makes sense!


2. The Lakes are BIG!

The Blue Mesa Reservoir and Taylor Park Reservoir are two of our favorite places to paddle close to Crested Butte. They are large bodies of water (The Blue Mesa is the largest in Colorado) and they get windy. Almost every afternoon, the wind will kick up, and if you fall from your board, well, there it goes! The wind can easily pick and and blow your board across the lake, or worse, down the lake. If you are wearing your leash, your large floating vessel (your SUP) is attached to you, therefore, making it 100% safer in super windy conditions.


3. Safety is COOL!!

Would you go mountain biking without a helmet? How about ride a motorcycle with no protective gear? No, you wouldn't. So why would you SUP without a leash? Most of the time, people panic when they fall in the cold water and get separated from their boards. Most fatalities and drownings involved in paddle boarding are when the paddler were NOT wearing a leash. Be smart. Be safe. Be COOL! Wear a leash. 


Please note:  There are 3 kinds of leashes, make sure you are wearing the appropriate leash for the water conditions. Flat water, river, and surfing all have different kinds of leashes. Come talk with us at CB SUP or your local shop about what leash is right for you and your activities!