Why you will fall in love with SUP


1. People of all ages are getting passionate about Stand Up Paddling. This sport is accessible to people of all ages and this is one of its strengths! What else can you do where grandma can enjoy an active activity with her kids and grandkids.

2. Who would not want to walk on water if they were given the opportunity? SUP gives you the ability to feel like you can. With a much higher over water perspective than a kayak, the views into the water from above are awesome.

3. SUP is a great exercise, when paddling correctly it strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as arms, legs, buttocks and all the muscles of the back. Most people use stand up paddle as a platform for practicing pilates and yoga in water.  It's a great way to enjoy some physical activity.

4. The learning curve is small with SUP and fun can be had day 1. Although we recommend a lesson to understand proper technique, you can grab a board and enjoy a day on the water anytime. We love to introduce people to this great sport and enjoy seeing them have a great time on thier first day on the water.

5. It's a family affair. We welcome the whole family on the sup including your dogs! We love seeing an entire family go out together on our SOL Fiesta board which holds 8 people! Its always more fun to paddle with friends. Not to mention the many new friends you meet in the water paddling or after a paddle.

6. Its a healthy activity to relax and recharge. Being on a SUP board, and slipping into the water gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration. No noise, perhaps alone with yourself, allowing you true tranquility. Detaching from the stress of daily routine. We truely believe SUP can be a source of stress release for a lot of people.

7. SUP is versatile and can be practiced anywhere, just find a body of water. You can sup on lakes, rivers, bays and ports, even in the pool. Let your imagination take you and your stand up paddleboard to even the most remote destinations! We offer some amazing high alpine lakes to take your inflatable stand up to and experience the feeling of having your own hidden getaway.

We spend too much time on the internet, television, gym ... a session SUP allows you to stay in contact with nature ... a simple pleasure, but so great!

8. SUP is a sport that can be learned at any level. You can choose to paddle and absolutely relax or use the board as a means of exploration to enjoy nature. We love to get people out on our fishing SUP to slay some trout or playing SUP O WAR with our jousting equipment. In California people are often seen catching waves in the surf, or you can use it as a platform to practice yoga and pilates. There are so many possibilities to allow you to have a great time out on the water.

9. SUP is now more affordable than ever, for all budgets. We encourage people to purchase the right equipment that is built to last. We stock and sell everything we rent! We work with proven companies to make sure its always easy for you to enjoy your experience. 

10. SUP is still one of the fastest growing sports! Make sure you take a lesson with us so you can show all your friends who are wanting to SUP for the first time proper technique! Visit our SUP guided tours and lessons page to book a spot.

See you on the water!