Protecting the Slate River

One of our favorite parts about Crested Butte is the beautiful resources and abundance of nature. Floating the Slate River is a great way to quietly observe wildlife, and CB SUP has been working closely with the Slater River Working Group all summer to ensure that the river, ranchers, wildlife, and private homeowners co exist peacefully.


That is why CB SUP is in support of the voluntary June 15 Upper Slate River closure. After closely studying the impact of Stand Up Paddler’s and the Blue Heron Rookery on the Upper Slate River, it has been determined the MOST impact paddlers have on the birds is before June 15, during critical nesting season for the species.

We are thankful to Western State College University for conducting the study, and the compromise made between all parties involved to come to this decision. We strive to be stewards of the land, and want to do our part to preserve the Rookery and the beautiful and scenic Upper Slate River for generations to come.

To read more about the Slate River Working Group, Heron Rookery, and the proposed voluntary closure, please check out the draft management plan and how as a community, we are working together to protect our resources.