Why you should try SUP YOGA

There are so many reasons why you should try SUP Yoga, but we compiled some of the top reasons for you here:

  1. SUP Yoga is appropriate for beginners to yoga and SUP, and also for advanced yogis. SUP Yoga is generally slower paced, and the instructor will be very mindful to creating a practice that is gentle and beginner friendly. At the same time, advanced practitioners can take their practice to the next level with SUP Yoga by adding a challenging new element.

  2. The basis of yoga is to explore the connection between your breath and movement. There is no better way to develop this practice than to put your body in a situation that demands your focus on this integration. Practicing on a SUP board presents a new challenge for your body while still being stable and safe.

  3. As you can imagine, SUP Yoga is an awesome way to work on balance and alignment. Adding the element of a slightly unstable platform challenges your body to recruit muscles that normally aren't utilized. Varied terrain for any activity will emphasize the focus on balance and dynamic alignment.

  4. Core Activation! Just standing on a paddle board works your intrinsic core muscles… imagine the subtle workout you’ll get from doing yoga on a paddleboard!

  5. SUP Yoga can be GOOFY and that's totally fine - in fact it's encouraged! You may be a little wobbly at first, but no worries! We're going to have a blast and it's 100% a judgement-free zone!

  6. Mindfulness: You have no choice but to “be here now” when you’re practicing yoga on a floating yoga mat. You will be asking your body to pay attention to every breath and body movement, as every placement of a foot, leg, or arm will be key to keeping balance.

  7. Practicing yoga in nature is an incredible experience! The gorgeous views, sounds of nature, and raw genuine environment are food to the soul and reminders to be authentically yourself in the present.

We have some AWESOME SUP Yoga offerings this summer! Don’t miss out on these incredible and unique experiences!

SUP Yoga in the Park: Every Monday from 7:30 - 8:30am in Jorgensen Park - Gunnison. $25 Includes SUP board & Yoga practice. More info about this event & to register.

Full Moon SUP Yoga: July 27th from 7 - 9pm on Blue Mesa Reservoir. $50 Includes SUP board, Intro to SUP lesson, & Yoga practice. More info about this event & to register.