5 questions to ask yourself when purchasing a Paddleboard.

Navigating the growing SUP (stand up paddle) market can be tough. Hard board, Inflatable, 4” thick or 6”? There are several things to consider, and here at CB SUP we want to break it down for you!

We have a large fleet of inflatable boards for sale at CB SUP

We have a large fleet of inflatable boards for sale at CB SUP

Before you purchase a paddleboard, you must ask yourself a few questions. This will help you narrow down not just what brand of SUP to purchase, but also what model.

  1. What location will you mostly be using the paddleboard?

    Do you live in Crested Butte? Or in Florida? This could determine the best KIND of board for you when determining inflatable vs. hard board. If you are in Colorado or areas with colder water, you will want a thicker board as well to keep you up and out of the water. Inflatable boards can take a little more wear and tear, while hard fiberglass boards can be faster in the water, but you need to be delicate with them during transportation and use. Read more about the difference between inflatable and hard paddleboards.

  2. On what body of water will you be using the board the MOST?

    I get it. You usually paddle flat water (lakes, inlets, bays) but you MIGHT get into paddling rivers and oceans eventually. Know that you can ALWAYS upgrade equipment, and having the right board (an inflatable river board with a gummy fin vs a hard fiberglass board with a hard fin) is IMPORTANT! The last thing you want is to crack your brand new hard board on a rock in the river because it wasn’t the appropriate board. Determine what kind of water you will be on the most, and make sure you have the proper equipment like a SUP leash and PFD.

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3. Who will be on the paddleboard?

Is the board for the whole family? You might want an all around 10’6” SUP. If a kiddo is mainly paddling, you might be looking for a smaller board. How much does the individual weigh? Many inflatable board companies offer larger boards for several people to paddle on at once, or for a newbie to feel comfortable. Being mindful of who is going to be paddling is important in your SUP selection.

4. What is your price range?

Boards, just like any sporting equipment, vary in range. You can find paddleboards from $400 all the way to $3000, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Find out what comes with the board too. Some boards online come with JUST the board, and the paddle, and pump or bag if you go inflatable is extra which can greatly drive up the cost. Find out the details of the package before you purchase your board if you are looking for the best deal.

***All boards sold from CB SUP come with a board, paddle, hand pump, electric pump, bag, and sticker!

5. Used or New?

This truly is up to you. A new board typically comes with a warranty, while used boards do not. The great part about a SUP, whether it’s new or used is the fact that once you own it, it’s maintenance free, and you are good to go, so no matter what you choose, a SUP is always a fun investment!!

***CB SUP has new and used boards available now!

Bonus: Ask an expert!!

Still not sure?! Call CB SUP 970-309-1491 and we will be happy to help you navigate the growing paddleboard market!