Allow us

to show you what it is we love about it here. Our adventure concierge is here to help you navigate the endless list of things to do while visiting the Gunnison valley or traveling the globe. we are here to provide your favorite day in the mountains or maybe ever.

we constantly look for the best ways to get people tuned into nature, themselves and thier friends through unique experiences known only to the destinations we choose to explore. Founded and based in the Gunnison Valley of Colorado, we spend every hour thinking about our next trip outdoors and how to make it the most enjoyable for our guests. we partner with some fantastic people to offer global travel done right, with exclusive experiences known only through wheelies and waves.

Love to Paddle or just starting out? Join us on a SUP Adventure to the Gunnison River, Slate River, Emerald Lake, Taylor Park Reservoir or the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Been thinking about learning to ride a dirtbike or getting back on a motorcycle? How about trusting your instincts and letting us plan your next trip around the world? we are dedicated to giving people way more then they expected so that we can continue to adventure together for years to come.

Our experienced and friendly instructors will have you standing up and paddling in no time or wondering why you didn’t try riding a dirtbike sooner. We are the only PaddleFit certified coaches in the Gunnison valley, which means you will get top coaching and instruction while having fun on the water. 

Flat Water Adventures

to Emerald Lake, Taylor Park Lake, or the Blue Mesa Reservoir:

River sup Adventures

Join us on a stand up paddleboard as we float away our worries down one of our favorite local rivers.

SUP Yoga

reconnect with some yoga on the water. nothing will tune you in more then our full moon yoga experience. don’t worry we will take it easy so you don’t rock the boat. all abilities welcome.

surf the whitewater park

join one of our guides as they show you how we surf in the middle of the mountains.

ride a motorcycle

we love to share the tremendous feeling of freedom that comes with twisting some throttle. need a bike to rent or a guide to show you the way? that’s why we are here.

Weekend retreats

we have some fantastic local partners that help us offer our guests more then they think. join us on one of our special weekend retreats in the Gunnison Valley or let us develop the perfect custom itinerary for your group of visitors.

travel the world

we are an Adventure Company and that means we are going to travel the world. Join us on one of our epic, perfectly crafted adventure travel trips to one of your soon to be favorite places. we take care of all the details so you can simply enjoy travel, the way it should be.

Taylor Park Reservoir

Taylor Park Reservoir

gunsight bridge

gunsight bridge