Wheelies and waves weekend

The BEST Day in the Gunnison Valley

Join the Wheelies and Waves Crew for the best day in the valley!

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What is the Wheelies and Waves Weekend all about?

We are putting on this event, with the help of our amazing local sponsors, to celebrate another awesome summer in the Gunnison Valley. We want to take this opportunity to thank the community for the support they’re give Wheelies and Waves, and all of the local businesses in town. We want to give back to Gunnison with a fun, completely free weekend celebration! 

The Skate Drive Pool Party

We’ll be kicking the weekend off with the Skate Drive Pool Party. The Pool Party will be held at Gunnison Skatepark. It is a celebration of the end of our summer long Skate Drive (link page). We will be collecting final skateboard donations, as well as holding a raffle for those who participated in the drive. We hope this event will help create some more hype around skating in Gunnison, and provide some skate inspiration for the kids receiving donated boards from our Skate Drive. The Pool Party will include skate contests for kids and adults. Registering for the skate contest is free, and you’ll have the chance to win some awesome prizes! Throughout the day, skaters and spectators can enjoy music, food, and drinks. We will also be collecting skateboard donations throughout the event at our donation booth. Find more details on what events are being held and when it’s all happening below.

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The kid’s skateboard events will include:

  • Mini’s peanut bowl contest (8 & under)

  • Little Kid Little Quarter

  • Big Bowl

  • Kids Open Skate with prizes

  • Prizes will be awarded for best trick or run for each event (1st-3rd place) 

The adult skateboard events will include:

  • Open Big Bowl Contest

  • Open Skate with prizes

  • China Wall Contest

  • Big Bowl Finals

  • Prizes will be awarded for each event

Registered skaters can participate in one or all of the events!

You can pre-register to participate in the skateboard events at the Pool Party here!