What is the secret that makes Crested Butte so magical? It's the lifestyle. The lifestyle of putting your neighbor before yourself, and helping others. That's why people love it here. Our little community demands love and support, and freely gives it back. That is why we are able to live and thrive here. The secret to living is giving, and we love to give here at Wheelies and Waves. We always look for new ways to support our local community, environment, as well as communities around the world that seek adventure like us. Wheelies and Waves continues to support Adaptive Sport's, Living Journeys, the Center for the Arts and The Crested Butte Land Trust as well as being stewards of the land we play on.

As we continue to expand into new markets we will operate in ways that promote sustainability and consciousness to the local community. We look forward to providing new recreational opportunities around the country that promote adventure and a healthy lifestyle.

Wheelies and Waves 2019 Skate Drive

We want to invite Gunnison Valley locals to support kids in the community by participating in our 2nd annual Skate Drive. Each year, we put on the Skate Drive to spread the love of skateboarding to our local youth. We want to play a part in developing a strong skate community that encourages kids to stay active, build connections, and support one another. 


After a trip through the remote southern coast of Nicaragua, we found a place that's home to big adventure in a place where the people have so little.  It has become our purpose to offer support to the joyful and loving people of Astillero, Nicaragua.  After surfing with the local kids and spending time with them, their joy and spirited way of life forever changed our perspective and awakened our souls. we are planning more trips to Nicaragua in the future and look forward to providing some equipment to this community. We encourage all of our customers to drop off old board shorts, summer clothes, as well as school supplies to be donated to the Astillero Surf Club to our shop locations.