Skate Corner Gunnison

Gunnison's only skater owned and operated skate shop

Our goal here at Wheelies and Waves is to spread our love of skateboarding, and share how accessible it is for everyone, old or young. Gunnison has a brand new skatepark built by the world famous Team Pain ( We want to invite everyone to share this public space with us, and give you resources you need to enjoy one of Colorado’s hidden gems.

Our commitment to the community

Every summer, with the help of the local skate community, we organize an event collecting gently used skateboards and skateboard accessories for local middle schoolers in need. In 2018, Twenty skateboards in total were put together and donated to the Middle School, and many of those donated boards have since been seen getting ripped up at the skatepark!

Thank you once again to all of the local sponsors who contributed to the effort: Mochas Coffee Shop, Twisted Fork Gunnison, Ace Hardware, The Gunnison Liquor Company, Gunnison Pizza Co, Frozen Smoke Dispensary. You all helped spread the love of skateboarding to our youth (the highest calling!)

Brands we Stock

In response to the corporate owned, big box stores and companies, we here at Wheelies and Waves are dedicated to only stocking brands that are skater owned, and backed personally by our staff and our friends that spend every chance they get on a board. We are proud to carry local boards from KNUX in Crested Butte, as well as a handful of Colorado companies that are keeping the skate culture alive in our state. All of our boards are pressed by reputable companies to help guarantee they won't snap on that first ollie (PS Stix is our personal favorite).

Thank for all the support yall! Please follow our skate instagram @Skatecorner_Gunnison to see product updates and pictures/videos from our local skate community.

Remember, skateboarding is for everyone, you're never too old (or young) to start! See ya out there!

Wheelies and Waves is hyped to offer some of the best skateboard hardgoods available. Whether you are in town visiting the Gunnison Skatepark or skating to a class at Western State Colorado University we have you covered. Wheelies and Waves is the only skater owned shop in town. 


We stock hand selected, small batch skateboards so you can push the best wood to the Gunnison Park. We support small business by stocking boards by Knux, local to Crested Butte. We also carry boards by Farm, High Country, Get Gnarly and some others. complete setups in stock ready to cruise.

Trucks + Wheels

This isn't your mothers skate shop. We carry mostly Independent Trucks. Proven, guaranteed, and warrantied for life. If you aren't riding independent trucks come by so we can tell you why it's all we like to carry in our Gunnison skate shop.

As far as trucks and wheels go, we only carry what we skate. Indy’s, Spitfires, OJ’s, and Reeds. If Thunders, Ventures, Bones or Pigs floats your boat, stop in and well order them together.

Other Goods

None of that fluffy stuff here. We have you covered for a sheet of grip, a new kingpin or bushings for your trucks and some rad stickers. Simple. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get back on your board and represent the companies you love and support. Free Wheelies and Waves sticker with any skate purchase.

Stay Up To Speed

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